Gaming, Animation and VFX are some of the technology driven sectors in cultural and entertainment industry segment. It is one of the fastest growing sectors globally. Though the growth is primarily driven by international outsourcing, domestic demand is also increasing in India. Local animation film production including full length movies is expanding. Increased adoption of technology in education will also boost demand for local content. With its long history in media and software industry, Kerala is in an advantageous position with respect to gaming and animation sector. Gaming, Animation and VFX show strong complementarity with ICT industry, with which it shares expertise required. Converting the existing capability and demand to significant industrial growth in a competitive world require bringing in a qualitative change. Bringing world class capability through collaboration with international studios in animation and VFX along with game development studios would be an effective strategy. State shall build a Centre of Excellence in the field to develop future talents in the sector and connect with leading institutions in the world to tap their knowledge base. The idea is to develop a habitat for gaming, animation, VFX, AI & ML. The Centre of Excellence will spearhead the State and will also initiate on production in gaming and short animation to build more development capability. Special attention will be given to interactive education as the State is moving toward ICT based education.