Right to Information Act, 2005

Sl. No. Name of Service Responsible officer to render the service Time limit Telephone Number
1 Receipt of application directly from the applicant as per Right to Information Act-2005 Shri T N Pradeep Kumar
(Junior Superintendent) Assistant Public Information Officer
Within One hour 0471 – 2478193
(Extn: 208)
2 Reply furnished to the application for Right to Information Act 2005 Shri V Mony
(Senior Superintendent)
State Public Information Officer
30 days
35 days (In a case where the application is submitted to the Assistant PIO)
0471 – 2478193
(Extn: 207)
3 Disposal of appeal as per Right to Information Act-2005 Shri Ravindran Nair
(Administrative Officer /  Accounts Officer)
Appellate Authority
30 days of the receipt of appeal 0471 2478193
(Extn: 201)